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by | Dec 2, 1998 | Genealogy

Dear cousins,
I thought I’d write to explain why I started the email list. I recently received an email that one of my lines (Tidwells) posted on my website was incorrect. (I’ll send the details in a separate email). Anyway, it started me thinking…

When I first posted my web page it was a way for me to easily show people what lines I was researching. I didn’t think that people might be using my information for their own research. The thought scares me. What if I’m sending people on a wild goose chase? I do not want to give out incorrect information. I have made a strong effort to be correct, but you never know. Right?
Also, I get a lot of emails from people asking various questions. I try to answer them as best I can. However, many of you who join this newsgroup are much more qualified than I to answer these questions. I would prefer that some of you were standing next to me when I answer these inquiries to double check my answers.
This email group will allow that to happen. What one person doesn’t know, someone else will. Since we are all researching the same lines, we can help each other out. I think this email group will also save us time. Rather than researching something somebody already knows we can work together and share our information.
Also, I have seen several books mentioned on the internet and wonder whether I should order them. Some of you may already have seen these books and can say whether they have any information and whether ordering them is worthwhile.
So, I formed the heycuz list to accomplish two things. One, to be able to converse more freely and in depth about all of our ancestors and cousins. And two, to pick each other’s brains on research.
To the point, finally. The heycuz list is open only to individuals who are somehow related, and you are now cordially invited. I am the official “ListMom.” Or I should say “ListKid.” Below is a list of the people who I invited to join and the slim list of guidelines. To reply to a email hit reply in your email software and type the answer. To post a new message send the mail to heycuz@egroups.com (We are now at a different address)
Please write me back if you wish to join, and I’ll get you going. I will post a subscription form on my web site as soon as I can. Until then, If you would like to invite someone else to join please let me know. I don’t see this site being a heavy traffic list, only a few posts a day usually. New members are encouraged to write a letter of introduction. (Including how your line runs.)
There is a site just for us that includes archives of what other people have said. You have to sign up to read them at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heycuz/ I sincerely hope you decide to join our group, I think you have great insight and knowledge which is what we are looking for, not necessarily web / genealogy experience. As for the knowledge you may gain, I believe it will be substantial.

Best regards,

Others I’ve invited:

Jo Sullivan Davis..

Alice Gimbert

Molly Everlen

Char Sullivan

Doug Travis

Lisa Williard

Ida Estes

Michael Smith

John Kostick

Dixie Estes

Johanna Parish

Wanda Talbot

Wanda Losee

Martha Tidwell Agan

Ross Givens

Ida Deal

Wanda Rennie Adams

Jeanette Tabb

Heycuz Guidelines:

1. Any topic related to our family lines (Sullivan, Rennie, Tidwells, Lampley, Green, Martin, Buchanan, Harp, Estes, Cornell, Thorn, etc… and/or the business of the aforementioned is fair game.
2. Debates on religion and politics are forbidden.
3. Debates between only two people are forbidden.
4. Funny things attached to the end of messages are encouraged.
5. Strive to be helpful and courteous to heycuz members

Archives may be found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heycuz/


If you have questions, please consult our “Frequently Asked Questions”:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heycuz/ or e-mail the people who are providing the maillist at yahoo.com
Best Wishes!
April Heath Pastis

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