If I board up the fireplace, do you think that will stop Christmas from coming December 2000

by | Dec 21, 2000 | Genealogy

If I board up the fireplace, do you think that will stop Christmas from coming? Well, I don’t necessarily want to stop it, just slow it down. This year has gone by too fast, hasn’t it? Yesterday, Lucas started first grade. OK, it wasn’t yesterday, but I must’ve slept through all the early awakenings, the cheery “home-work” hour, the Cub Scout meetings, the back to school night and all the other new experiences of parenting a “first grader.” Lucas seems to be in a rush because the day after his birthday, he announced he’s ready for second grade.
It has been an exciting and disappointing year for us. This summer we were able to take a few days off here and there and got in a couple of trips to Palm Springs, one of our favorite vacation spots. We also started checking out houses. Although we ended up in the “boondocks” for our price range, we had a great time imagining ourselves in a roomy house and out of this cramped apartment. Our hopes for a home, however, were dashed in October, when the company that Steve works for downsized. We found ourselves faced with the unknown. The good news is that the bad news has pushed Steve toward fulfilling his dream of republishing his newspaper, “The Hellenic Calendar.” He started a web site called helleniccalendar.com and is already getting a great response. He has also been doing some writing for a few different clients. So, hopefully, he will get the opportunity to do what he really loves. I’ve been working on my family tree and have been busy working on the web site and moderating the newsgroup. I am still working on the book project, but have decided the best way to do it is to have it published on CD instead of printed. I also am working on a project to extract all the Hickman County court records which is very time-consuming. Recently, some new cousins sent in some information which provided breakthroughs on my Mom’s Allen line and my Dad’s Lampleys.
So, while it looks like our purse strings are tight this Christmas, we’ve got a lot to look forward to this coming new year. This means, however, that our wedding plans have been put on indefinite hold. Steve is really set on a big party, which takes a lot of cash. On the other hand, I’ve seriously considered those new drive-thru chapels in Vegas. “I’d like a hamburger, french fries, and a coke. Oh, and add one of those certificates while you’re at it!” May Christmas bring to you the music of laughter, the warmth of friendship and the spirit of love.

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