I Lost It!

by | Aug 15, 2002 | Genealogy, Notes while surfing

A tisket, a tasket,
A green and yellow basket
I wrote a letter to my mother,
And on the way I lost it
Due to computer problems, everything that was sent to me by email since March has been lost. If you have sent in any corrections or updates, please resend them to me. I lost all emails, web pages, photographs, scans, email addresses—In short, everything that was sent privately to me. Because I also lost email addresses I can’t even write to you to let you know that it is gone. I hope that you read this and can resend the information. I apologize for the inconvenience.
If you have corrections or updates, it might even be better to email them directly to the
Heycuz newsgroup because it is archived daily and can be accessed by all members. You can read the Heycuz Archives and subscribe, if you wish, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/heycuz/. If you have scans and photographs you can also send them to the newsgroup as long as they are not too large (Nothing over 1 MB, please). However, if you prefer or if they are larger than 1 MB you can email me privately, April Heath Pastis at april@heycuz.net. My CD burner has now been repaired and I am backing up regularly.
Since I lost everything, I have to re-enter all updates into the Heycuz database and so there are no new listings in the family files. I’ve been working like a madwoman to try to recover all the lost files and will get the updates to you as soon as I can. However, my family, happilly, has a lot of celebrations this month and I will be very busy attending graduations, anniversary and birthday parties, carnivals, etc., etc.
There have been, however, updates to The Family Album. Speaking of which, if you notice anything odd about the Album, please be patient. It seems that we have outgrown that server–which is good news because it means you are all submitting photographs. I’m in the process of moving the entire site to this server which has unlimited space available for pictures.
There have also been updates to our Share the Wealth section. We have received scores of documents – (vital records, deeds, wills, newspaper clippings) – thanks to Dorothy Kirby Carroll, Sherman Waters, and Virginia Greene. In addition, Heycuz member Charlton Queen has donated his cemetery transcriptions. Also, James Bradford has allowed us to post past issues of The Friends of Oak Grove newsletter. The section is in dire need of a workable index, but due to the setbacks on my computer, it will be a while until I can start work on it.
I’m not going to step up on a soapbox about Ethics in Genealogy, but I just wanted to remind everyone not to forget to list your sources when you are doing genealogy research. Just because it is on a website, does not mean it is free for the taking. A lot of the information on this site has been made available at no cost to you. Please click on the link to the source of the information and write to the submitter with your request to use their work, and please ALWAYS give them credit for their work. If you are going to cut and paste any narratives on this site into your genealogy database, please make a note that the information came from Heycuz at http://heycuz.net. Also please be sensitive to our member’s desires to respect the privacy of the living.
And, til we talk again, “May the Road Rise to Meet You….

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