A Time For Giving Thanks

by | Nov 20, 2002 | Genealogy

I often recieve comments about the website and newsgroup praising my work. Among the kudos are comments like, “I don’t know how you do it!” and “Where do you ever get such great information?” While all the pats on the back are much appreciated, the truth is that it’s all thanks to you–the members of Heycuz and the web site visitors. This site wouldn’t be as good–nor half the fun–if it weren’t for all of your wonderful contributions. It’s rare NOT to get an answer when I ask for help.
The Heycuz Academy Awards Show
As I step up to acknowledge all these words of praise–minus the million dollar outfit, 4-inch pumps, fake eyelashes and diamonds the size of boulders dangling from my ears because currently I’m in my old faded jeans and bare feet–I am all a fluster with thoughts of who I should thank. I didn’t prepare a list, [she says blushing, gushing, and pulling out a roll of paper three inches thick]. Of course I’m lying…
All kidding aside though. On December second, Heycuz will celebrate its fourth birthday. (Well, officially it started on the first day of December, but posts weren’t made until December 2nd, 1998.) The founding members of Heycuz were Alfred E. Turman, Alice Gimbert, April Heath Pastis, Char Sullivan, Dean Heath, Dixie Estes, Doug Travis, Ida Deal, Ida Estes, J. Hugh Sullivan, Jeanette Tabb, Jo Davis, Johanna Parish, John Kostick, Lisa Williard, Martha Tidwell Agan, Michael Smith, Mollie Everlen, Ross Givens, Susan Morris, Wanda Adams, Wanda Losee, and Wanda M Talbot. While there were only 24 of us to start with, most of whom are still contributing, word spread like wildfire and before long membership tripled.
Its seems so long ago that we started. As I read through those first posts, and the posts now, I am amazed. The concept of sharing information and helping each other in our research was our driving force and it continues even today. Still, there’s more to it than that. Heycuz members have become my extended family. Growing up 3,000 miles away from my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins, I had always missed the feeling of family that only relatives can give you. While many of you are still far away, I only had to click the beloved “send” button and we were as close as any family. No matter how distant our relation, I have come to think of you all as family. So, with all of my heart, [snkkkkkksnortsnkkkkkk, she pulls out a kleenex] I want to [she sighs wiping her eyes] Thank You!
Before I’m ushered off from my pedestal, I also must thank my Mom and Aunts. If my Aunts Wanda Adams and Jo Davis, along with my mom, Donna Heath, hadn’t piqued my interest in genealogy, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet you all. So, I also want to thank them. Speaking of sparking my interest in genealogy…Where would I have been in my first timid queries weren’t answered with gusto by Char Sullivan, Mollie Everlen Mattson, Wanda Losee or Wanda Talbot. They not only answered, but sent me Everything! They really were the ones who laid the foundation for this web site. So we all give them an added thank you hug. Come on up here and take a bow!
I know I am not alone when I say that every month I eagerly check my email box for James Bradford’s “Friends of Oak Grovenewsletter. His love and devotion to this excellent publication and to his family is always apparent. He has also given us permission to post his back issues on our web site. So special thanks to James who has also become a well-trusted friend and uncle to me.
If you’ll just indulge me a few minutes longer, [she says as tears roll down her red cheeks] I would also be remiss if I did not thank Gale Ford, who is probably related to every branch of my family on both my mom’s side and my dad’s side. I remember how tickled we were when, having known each other as Green researchers, we were startled to find each other on a list searching for Partons. When it happened again on the Harbinson list, we were puzzled, then when it happened for a third time it was just down-right eerie. Over the years, she’s helped me in my genealogy and privately. So, thank you Gale for really being a cousin, literally in every way. I love you!
Besides, those named above, other major contributors–who have significantly helped by donating their time and sending copies of deeds, wills, marriages, birth records, cemetery extractions, photographs (the list is endless)–include: Arline Presley, Arnold Dowdy, Bill Brown, Bud Campbell, Caroline Estes-Castenada, Charlie Lampley, Charlton Queen, Chet Green, Darlene (Aunt Kittie) Heath, Darrell Stroh, David Powell, Dorothy Kirby Carroll, G. Wayne Bradford, Garry R. Schoening, Howard Jones, Janna Johns, Jena Bryant, Joe Dobbs, John G. White, John Ussery, Karen Warren, Lisa Willard, Martha Barnhill Peach, Opal Hays, Phyllis Masters, Robert Bryant, Sharon Brown, Sharon Byerly, Sherman Waters, Sue Welborn, Susan Reynolds, Terri Carlson, Terry McDaniel, Vicki Reich, Virginia Greene, and Wava Tory Boyd. I hope I haven’t left anyone out [eyes roll back in head to search for names], but to see who is contributing to our group, one need only check the source index, and the players list on this web site and the read the posts of Heycuz. Once again, Thanks!
Before this starts sounding like an awards-show-recipient’s acceptance speech [and because these guys with white coats are approaching], I’ll wrap it up with a final deep felt appreciation for every one of you. I’d name you all, but I’m afraid the networks would switch to a commercial.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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