Happy New Year

by | Jan 1, 2003 | Genealogy

I’m really looking forward to a new year with my cousins. I hope that we all can solve our biggest puzzles, form deeper, lasting relationships, and perhaps even meet each other. I have written down some of my New Year’s Resolutions:
New Year’s Resolutions C

Organize Email by Surname, not by Date. Sheesh! Have Index of all email, — all in one place/CD for faster searches.

  • Update Source listings and Player Listings, correcting email addresses that have changed or are no longer valid.
  • Get snail mail addresses of all sources.
  • Get the original of every document (not extractions) that I have listed as a source.
  • Find my ancestors in every census that they are in, get hard copy.
  • Find Virinda Estes’ grave.
  • Find Nancy Elizabeth Thorn’s true father, William.
  • Move up one generation on every line.
  • Actually go through the Broderbund CDs I have and find possible links
  • Highlight, and where possible correct, all dates that seem impossible. (i.e. people who marry before they are born, or die at an impossible age)
  • Update my own generation by getting all the new births of my own neices, nephews and cousins
  • Scan all records and upload to Share the Wealth library. This may require a document feeder/new scanner, though.

  • Don’t input any (ZILCH, ZERO, NADA) information without a source. Also, find a place/way to record and track information listed as “for your eyes only.”
  • Add new photographs to The Family Album in more timely manner.
  • Get new stories for The Past Lane.
  • Add Grandma’s Secret Recipe section to The Past Lane.
  • Spend more time at the Family History Center Library, transcribe notes in a more timely manner, and keep a more accurate search list of sources.
  • Spend more time, researching dead-end lines by looking at collateral individuals.
  • Search web regularly for new documents that have been transcribed and if new documents are found get a hard copy.
  • Update the What’s New surname list regularly
  • Find a way for Heycuz/website to have its own server.
  • Respond to every email in a more timely manner even when I don’t have the answers
  • Finally, don’t forget my own family by doing the laundry, cleaning house, and spending time with them more often.

Best wishes for a Happy and Successful 2003!

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