Whew! What a Year! Huff Puff

by | Dec 25, 2005 | Genealogy

What a year, huh? Most of you know that its been a little rough on us this year. My stepson Constantine passed away while he was away in June, he was only 24 years old. It’s times like this when we realize how important family and traditions are. A tradition among the Greeks is that they do not send Christmas cards out after the loss of a loved one. Since, some of you expect my usual Christmas newsletter, I’ll just catch up a little here and return to sending out our Cards as usual.
Steve and I have been keeping as busy as we can. I launched my Greeting Card business, GreetingsfromApril.com. Please take a look at it when you get a chance. I’ve gotten a lot of great comments already but would love to hear what you think. Steve lost his job then got a better offer shortly after. He’s working for a great site for kids called Whyville, check that out too.
I have not done a lot on genealogy, except answer questions (lately attacks) from visitors to this site. Attacks? Actually, I felt as they were attacks. Lately I’ve been getting some of the nastiest emails from people who don’t understand why they are listed on this site. I try to remove their information as soon as they complain, but its not as easy as it sounds. When you remove one page, it may break many links. And, then the files have to be rebuilt and reloaded. My time is limited so I cannot spend all my time soothing irate people who have no interest in the fact that I don’t get paid to do this. My hope is, that if you submit a file, please make sure you have permission to post their family tree.
Since the new year is the time to make new resolutions I’ve decided to concentrate on doing things that will get us closer to our family goals. We need to get a house, be financially sound, and build upon our faith and love for eachother. I hope all of your resolutions for 2006 come true.