Can’t Wait to Meet You

by | Mar 4, 2006 | Genealogy

Some of you may have noticed that some changes have been happening on Heycuz and Game of Lifes. We have officially run out of space on the Game of Lifes and so I have been going through and trimming some of the files, rearranging and basically getting it to be as efficient as possible without losing its quality. The webserver will not sell me any more space, as they say they have none available, and even if they did I don’t think I could afford it–or justify with my husband the cost. So, what I’m doing is taking out my notes and comments on individuals and just including the meat and bones, so to speak.
I have always believed that family stories are most important and those items will still be there where everyone is encouraged to read and comment on them.
Many people on Heycuz have mentioned how much they miss the Birthday list. But, it is still available on the front page of the Game of Lifes, even more prominently than before. It was becoming too difficult to keep up with it, now that my husband, son, work, selling on eBay, updating the web pages, etc. etc. keep me busy.
Also on the front page are any announcements that are highest on the agenda. Foremost being the Pioneers of the First District Reunion. I hope that all of you Heycuz members can come. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that I can get there. The thought of walking the same path where Owen Sullivan and Elizabeth Lampley and my other ancestors from that area, just makes me giddy. I picture myself laying down in the green grass barefooted staring up at the sky. Oh, but I know that Stacey Givens has so much planned I might not have time for that. I want to meet each and every one of you.
Also on the front page are spotlights on several features on the Game of Lifes, that many people don’t often get to including Share the Wealth, The Past Lane, and well, my columns.
Finally, I’ve added a Google search engine as the other one was not working too well. Google is great because I can tell it to search our site only or the entire web.
I hope that you will still continue to send updates. And, please let me know what you think about the new layout and files.