Ruby Harrison Rennie’s Photo Album

by | Jul 18, 2007 | Genealogy

My mom copied some of my Grandmother’s photos and I made them available for viewing online at snapfish.
The photos are Rennie, Harrison, Cornell and Heaths. There are also several unknown photographs, if you can id anyone let me know, which reminded me to always write on the back of a photograph who it is. I know its good advice, but I have a box of photos that I have been meaning to scapbook and haven’t done anything with in a while. But, take a look at the photo album on snapfish and you’ll see the photo of the miners. We don’t know if its a family picture or from a postcard. We don’t know why my grandmother had a photograph of this group of miners. You may have to register at snapfish, if you don’t have an account already, but its free and they do offer great deals on prints, but if you don’t want to do that you can copy the photos to your computer and print them.