Introduction to Your CMS Website

by | May 9, 2009 | Tutorials

This is the first in a series of Video Tutorials to Introduce you to your new website. If we have installed a Joomla CMS system to your site you’ll want to watch this video.


This is a quick overview to familiarize you with the features of your new website. In this case, the website is a Joomla/CMS based website. We plan to offer tutorials on WordPress sites very shortly.

Click on the small arrow to start the video.


Having a website today is as important as having a business card.  But, getting visitors to visit your site and return to it is also  important. The most popular websites are interactive and have fresh content based upon the access-level of the visitor. Some of the most familiar interractive sites are iGoogle, Amazon, Flicker, Youtube, Facebook, and the ultimate in interactive sites, Twitter (cause it’s only interactive).

Static pages are pre-written documents loaded onto a server and do not change, or interact with the visitor.  The Dynamic Content Management System Site requires interaction. (i.e. log-in, add a photo, answer a question, add an item to your shopping cart.)

Static pages are expensive because they require some level of technical knowledge. Visitors have little or no interaction.

The Dynamic Content Management System we have probably installed is Joomla. It’s one of the most complex, yet flexible CMS systems available. Because it’s easy to manage it eliminated the level of technical experience usually required for web management.

Content is King in a CMS site. It doesn’t exist until a visitor interacts with it. The content is inside a database, small applications tell the database what to do when a specific user interacts with it. The only thing that is static is the design. (And, even that can be changed with the click of a mouse).

The Possibile Uses for a CMS website are endless. Some types of sites are:

  • Calendar website for group events.
  • Repositories Access to Manuals, files, powerpoint, etc.
  • Galleries; Share your photos, allow others to add their photos.
  • Forums Community Interraction
  • Directories Membership lists/Classifieds
  • Blogs Personal websites
  • Ecommerce: Make it easy for your buyers!


There are Two Areas of Your Website

The Front End and The Back End. In the video I show you how to administer both areas.

More tutorials are available for specific areas at You can also contact us at any time for more assistance.