Self-Deprecating Advertising? Really?

by | Nov 7, 2010 | Notes while surfing

Advertising sure has come a long way since I went to school. Recently, my husband and I were snickering ourselves silly when we saw a television ad in which the announcer actually said “Call 333-3333* and We’ll Pick Up the Phone.” In 2002, TrendSpotter reported an upswing in Self-Deprecating Advertising. A water bottle company issues an undesigned, plain bottle with only the words “Another Bloody Bottle of Water.” A handbag designer gets a lot of buzz when they portray their product as barf bags.
But, I wonder if Microsoft Windows Phone 7 $500 million dollar advertising blitz really knows the message their sending. PC World interprets the point of the ad as the phone that will “save us from our phones” and will get users “in and out and back to life.”

Sure, their marketers might have you believe that there’s a “HUGE” problem with self-involved Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone users who have dropped out of life. But will these users actually consider buying a phone who’s advertising message is “Hey, the Windows Phone 7 is so boring you won’t be distracted?”
I mean, Really?

*not the actual phone number

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