The greatest blog post ever written

by | Sep 16, 2011 | Notes while surfing

I’m really bummed. Yesterday, I was away from my computer so I used the new Blogger app and wrote the best post ever written by anyone on the world wide web to date. 

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Seriously! I’d show you, but apparently it disappeared. Or, perhaps it appeared on somebody else’s blog. I’ll never know. I was just double checking my blogger log, and it’s not there. It’s as if the post never existed at all. 
I was able to successfully post from the app one other time, so I know it was working correctly. Blogger has, however, recently been making changes to their website. The new features include a sleek look, an improved editor, access to analytics, and many more widgets. They have been slowly rolling out changes with something new every time I log in,  so perhaps I just happened to hit the publish button at the wrong time. I’m crossing my fingers that this was the case and it was a temporary glitch. Still, being leery now, I’ll probably use the Evernote app or MacJournal app and write my blogs on there from now on. Both of those allow you to save your post as well as synch it with your computer.
Another reason I’m bummed is because I’d made a commitment to myself and to NaBloPoMo that I would post once a day for the month of September and have made it through all the way until now. I’m still going to count it as if I’d posted, using this post in place of the one that disappeared.
So? What was the greatest blog post ever written? Alas, that seems to have disappeared.
Note: This is the 17th post toward my commitment to writing a post a day. Have you joined NaBloPoMo yet?

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