Is a quote still a quote if it is never quoted?

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Notes while surfing

What do you use for your profile quote? Every time I join a new site, this question stumps me. It leaves me asking more questions:

  1. If its for my profile page, shouldn’t the quote be mine?
  2. What quote reflects who I am?
  3. Should it be funny, cause I appreciate a good laugh?
  4. Should it be a phrase I always say?
  5. Do I have to go back and change it every day to reflect my current mood?
  6. Are great quotes constructed or do they just happen?
  7. If I quote someone else, does that reflect that I’m a fan of the person who said it?
  8. Do I want to start browsing for websites that offer quotes for a good one or just fill it in with the first thing that crosses my mind?
  9. Are people actually going to read this?
  10. What kind of people are going to read this? My friends who already know me? Strangers who might want to follow me? Clients who might be bothered by a tasteless quote?
  11. Should the quote be a question?
  12. I don’t want to quote a person that everyone quotes, do I?
  13. Is the quote a real quote and not a misquoted quote?
  14. Is a quote still a quote if it is never quoted?
  15. Am I going to be able to change this in case I regret the quote?
  16. What did that one guy say that one time? That was great! Why can’t I remember that quote?
  17. Did Yogi Berri know he was creating Yogiisms?
  18. Can I just skip this part of the form?
  19. Do I understand the quote or am I just picking it cause it “sounds” clever?
  20. If I make up something clever will other people quote me?

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