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Happy New Year!

  1. I’ve been given a new lease on life. Finding out I had cancer, combined with the tragic events of September 11, has caused me to rethink my priorities, eliminate time wasting bad habits, and strive to live my life with gusto. I want to see more of the little things–laughter, family, friends, food…–and less of other non important things.
This new year has no history. As genealogists we’re very aware of history and as I live day to day, I plan to make 2002’s history the best I can. I might not be able to influence global peace but I can be a better humanitarian, a better parent and a better cousin.
I have never been one to make new year’s resolutions. I have, on the other hand, set goals for myself. Some of which have had success. The following is a list of goals, resolutions for Heycuz. I need your help to see if I’m on the right track. So please send in your comments – criticisms, praise, other goals etc.
Heycuz’s New Year Resolutions!
  2. Reduce the number of errors in the heycuz database
  3. Post updates and corrections in a much more timely manner
  4. Have links and contacts to other “cousins” easily available
  5. Double, no triple, pages in the Family Album
  6. Share more transcriptions of documents on the newsgroup
  7. Digitalize all documents (wills, bibles, deeds, licenses, photographs…) and make them available
  8. Put Grandma’s Secret Recipes online
  9. Make research safe–In case of disaster, have backup of Heycuz in the hands of other people
  10. Spend more time, more efficiently, at the library
  11. For each of us to advance a generation. In my case I want to:
    1. find proof of parentage of Owen Sullivan
    2. solve the Harrison/Thorn puzzle
    3. locate the Rennies in Scotland
  1. And finally, I hope we all take the time to leave something of value for our descendants by recording our history through a diary, scrapbook or audio/video tapes.

I wish all of my cousins a healthy, happy, prosperous, and successful New Year.

            1. Love,
  1. April
  2. Heycuz, What’s New?: December 2001