Merry Christmas
Its been quite a year for us at Heycuz with new members and renewing lots of old connections. Personally I’ve been so busy this month that I haven’t been able to write my column for this month. My son Lucas and I were working on his letter to Santa Claus, so I thought that I’d add my own letter to the Big Guy and use it for my Christmas column…
Dear Santa,
Its been a long, long time since I wrote to you. I don’t know why I didn’t think of writing to you before as you have always filled my stocking with all of my desires when I was a child. Thank you for everything, by the way. This year though, I have some specific requests that it seems only your magic can fulfill. I’ve been a very, very good girl this year so I hope that you can get me some items on my Christmas List.
First, I am leaving some family group sheets in my stocking. Please fill them out. I’d like to know the parents, grandparents, and children (with “proof”) of Nancy Elizabeth THORN, John HARRISON and Nancy DOBBS, Thomas H. RENNIE and Mary A. STRATTON (what does the H. and A stand for?), Jesse MARTIN and Ann BESWICK, Joseph and Mary (what’s her maiden name?) HARP, John and Tracy (?) DICKSON, Samuel WILLIAMS and Mary WOODS, David and Mary HUTCHESON, Henry CORNELL, Elisha ESTES, William BELL, John GOLDING, Charlotty GOLDING, Joseph ALLEN and Joanna WHITEHORN, Richard GOFF, Nathaniel TOOGOOD, Cassandra TUCKER, Elizabeth GARNETT, Robert FORSTER, Frances WHEELER and Margery OWENS, Richard BOWEN and Mary CLIFTON, Harry BROOKS, Alexander and Rachel (?) HARBISON, Mary Ann WRIGHT, Thomas ARMSTRONG and Mary BROWN, Hugh and Jane (?) ALEXANDER, Elizabeth MALLORY, John and Sarah DOLLINS, Robert HILL and Martha WALKER, Samuel HARRIS and Rebecca EVANS, Phillip and Mary BARRICK, Joseph BUCHANAN and Ann WILSON, David and Nancy (?) DUNCAN, Jeremiah C. BRYANT and Sarah Jane COBB, Martha RAINEY and William GREEN, and Owen SULLIVAN and Elizabeth LAMPLEY (what is her real death date), Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON(?), Jacob and Mary (?) LAMPLEY, Artimese GREEN, Virinda ESTES (and what happened to her), and any I might have missed.
Second, I’d like to find under my tree a server for the Heycuz group with its own software that will allow real-time input from members of the group. That way members can add and/or correct their own family lines by just signing on. This would free-up my time so I can spend more time doing research. Also, on that server, I’d like an extensive library of original documents of every deed, will, probate, census, book, diary–in short every document that exists–that carries the name of one of my ancestors. The server will have to be very fast–DSL please–so the pages don’t take long to load.
Third, I would like the original photographs and tintypes of any picture that was taken of my ancestors. I am missing the original photograph of William and Artimese (Green) Sullivan; I have no photograph of any Estes ancestor;
Fourth, hurry down the chimney with a full-paid trip back to Tennessee so I can visit my new-found cousins and the birthplace of my ancestors.
Fifth, wrap up a top-of-the line digital camera that prints professional quality photographs so I can add them directly into my computer and onto the website.
Sixth, I’d like a hard copy of every document, email letter, or note in an organized file system in a new office just for me, in my new home (which we’re working on).
Seventh, its my wish that all of my software does what I need it to do, not just what some programmer thought was important. For instance, I’d like to be able to output my website in hours instead of days; I’d like to be able to Automatically update every Old document–whether it’s on my computer, a CD, the internet, or in someone else’s files–when a new fact is found or needs to be; I’d like it to be able to give a source for every individual fact instead of a source for general events (date, place, and cause); I’d like it to be compatible with every single other computer file on the planet.
Eighth, I’d like it if any time someone sees an error on the website, that they can either fix it immediately by themselves (see Item 2 above) or that they won’t hesitate to let me know the correct information so I can fix it.
Finally, dearest Santa, the star on my tree would be to find “a cousin a day.”
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!