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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Greetings and glad tidings ~

May this message find you well and thriving!

This season, we celebrate a lot of changes at

Together, we have co-created a new wave of genealogy.  Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey, for sharing your family stories, your research, your special moments, and your heart-breaking losses, for the honor of witnessing what happens when we collectively choose to preserve our family’s heritage.

In deep appreciation I offer this prayer to YOU *

May your brilliance be reflected in the eyes of all you meet.

May the blessings of Life be felt in thought, word and deed.

May you drink deeply from Wisdom’s cup.

May you see the gift in every challenge, the sacred in every step.

May laughter roll your belly as you delight in Creation’s mystery.

May you breathe freely, Love deeply, rejoice wildly and create


May you be at peace, whether your bowl be empty or full.

May the Light of Love shine brightly upon your soul.

May you listen deeply within, faithfully heeding the guidance of Spirit.

May you wake to dream each day, remembering NOW is all there IS.

May you feel the energy of co-creation flowing through each hand.

May you remember to honor and give thanks for our Motherland!

May you experience the bliss of a well-lived day …

Forgiving ignorance; releasing regret, guilt or shame.

May you be sovereign, and to thine own Self be true.

May you remember each person makes a difference …

… and that person is YOU!

Many blessings always and all ways …

Thank youFrom your Cuz,April        

Time to Go Ahead

My first editor taught me that there’s a time to stop editing and go to press. I know there are still bugs in the system, but hopefully I can work them out and still have much of this site online. So far, known bugs include pages not loading correctly in Internet Explorer; links and updates not working in the database which includes mostly the documents and photographs; my cemetery extracts are not loading so I had to provide an offsite url til I can figure it out; and several code errors occasionally appear on different pages. There are also some old links remaining on some of the pages that have to be deleted, but I’ll do that as I run across them. Also there are a few more photo albums that I have yet to load. But, this is a very busy season for me so I figured if I didn’t get it updated now, I’d have to wait til after the first of the year. So, please bear with me while I get the kinks worked out. I think that this new system will be so much nicer for us as a group and for me in terms of time spent updating the family tree. If you have any questions, feel free to post it to the forum. This is your site, make yourself at home and enjoy!