You may have noticed that something’s a bit different about Heycuz. We have moved to a new server. I had to do a little reshuffling of my finances and could no longer afford to keep 12 different servers but had to combine them to decrease the bills.
The down side is that I had such excellent support from the previous server. He held my hand when ever things went buggy, let me slide when the bills came due, and kept the bandwidth high enough to let me run amok. The upside is that the new server has more room to run amok and forces me to learn to trouble-shoot my own problems. Having more room is really a plus, because we no longer have to store our files off the site at places like Picassa or Mac’s iDisk.
Some changes:
Perhaps the first thing that you’ll notice when you log on is the community features have been expanded. You will notice the new features in the “My Stuff” menu that appears when you log in. The menu shows you at a glance the photos you’ve added, the articles you’ve added and your favorite ancestor’s if you’ve bookmarked any. I’ve added a Private Messaging System (a different kind of PMS) so we can leave each other notes which is much faster than emailing. The first time you log in it will tell you, you have a message (even if its a generic message saying Welcome to the PMS).
I’ve made it easier to share, bookmark, and search the photographs.
I’ve also uploaded all of the cemetery photographs. I haven’t linked them all, but I’ve been told by some cousins that they will help with that. If you’re interested in doing that, email me (or PMS me) and I’ll send you instructions on how to link individuals in the database to the photographs of their tombstones.
Upcoming features that I haven’t had time to do yet include inputting all the extractions into a searchable database.
Anyway, I hope you don’t run into too many bugs because of the move and I thank you all for the wonderful feedback and the corrections to the family tree.