I am trying out the Facebook app, Networked Blogs. It adds a tab to your Business or Group’s Facebook Page that feeds your blog directly to your Facebook page. The reason I’m trying this is not really to promote the business or the blog–since I really use the blog to entertain myself, but because I have a client who’s interested in the feature. It seems easy to set up. To get started, log into Facebook and go to the Networked Blogs Page. Click on the “Go to App” button and follow the links. The one stickler, is you have to verify your blog by putting a widget on the page. The first try didn’t work, but I found a great tutorial by Geek Blogger that made it a snap. Since, I hadn’t written anything for a while, I thought I’d test it out by adding a new blog post. Right now, when I click on the Blog tab on my Facebook page, it says blog not found. This may be because nothing has been posted since I added it. If this appears then the app worked.