Next time you get a brilliant idea, go to Kickstarter. A website that matches up Investors and People With Great Ideas. is always sending me emails, but I never worry cause it goes straight to my spam folder. (Pat yourself on the back, Self) But apparently, so many people have fallen for it by giving them their credit card information, that there’s a class-action lawsuit (that’s the link to the lawyer’s page but they don’t have info up on it yet) in the works. One fellow blogger has written an interesting post on what can go wrong: Just Say “No” To His blog is very interesting and you should take a look at it for other good tips.

When you have some extra time, check out Slate, its an online magazine, with articles not found every where else on the web. Also try to see if you can follow them on Google Buzz. (Wish more bloggers would add that as an option because your list of daily links is getting toooooooo long.)

Self!!! Last but not least a very, important holiday is coming up, Super Bowl Sunday! remember to get ready! (Steve’s birthday is around the corner, too)