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911: I’ve been TAGGED!

Transcript of a 911 call:

911 operator: 911 What is your emergency?
me: (sob) Please! Please help me!
911 operator: What is your address?
me: uh, um…let me look….its april at heycuz dot net
911 operator: Excuse me?
me: my email address? The one they got me at? It is april AT heycuz dot net
911 operator: Who got you? What’s your emergency?
me: I’ve been TAGGED!
Image representing Tagged as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase911 operator: We don’t send out a patrol for children’s games?
me: Oh, this is NO game! This is serious stalking! I’m telling you! They don’t stop!
911 operator: Who’s stalking you? Have they threatened you?
me: Threatened me? Are you #sk#9king kidding? Its constant now. Every time I turn on my email they get me!
911 operator: Don’t turn on your email then
me: Huh? I don’t understand.
911: I can tell you’re upset, but I’m not sure how…
me:  I’ve cancelled my account so many times I can’t tell you and THEY keep coming back! On April 11th, I got a confirmation that the account was cancelled…The note does say that they will keep my “profile” for at least six months. Has it been six months? yeah!  But yesterday, it all started back up again! OMG This is so ridiculous! Why won’t they stop?
911: Did you follow their confirmation instructions?
me: Of course, I did. I went to, and hidden down at the bottom is a link to cancel…Do you think that they re-suckered me in??? thinking I have to re-cancel but I’d already canceled so it extended the cancel time? Is that why they’re emailing me again???
911: I’m not sure I understand?
me: I mean, (sigh) how can they live with themselves? How did they get around my email filters in the first place? Why are they doing this to innocent people??
911: Exactly HOW are they harassing you?
me: Listen to this:

  • 9:52 PM:         Your friends are waiting for you on Tagged
  • 5:40 AM: Please respond to all of your alerts on Tagged!
  • 6:14 AM: JoJo2010 has winked at you
  • 8:04 AM: MannyLvr has left you a message: “Aren’t you going to kiss me back?”
  • 1: 11 PM:  JoJo 2010 has left you an embedded file
  • and at 2…

911: This is really not an emergency.
me: If it isn’t an emergency, I’d sure like to know what is!
911: An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment.
me: So, my sanity doesn’t matter?
911 operator:  We don’t handle internet emergencies.
me:  (hmph) Can you tell me who can help me?
911: You could try Google
me: (Sigh) Well, can you tell me this. Supposed someone wanted to take out a hit on someone or, say some website…do you know anyone who does this?
911: We don’t help people commit crimes.
me: Oh. Thanks any way.

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My Own Personal Assistant – I can dream, can’t I?

While doing research on an article about female CEOs in technology-based companies, I ran across Leah Busque, CEO and founder of Task Rabbit.
You can find Leah at:

Wouldn’t you love it if someone would take care of the little errands that have to get done but you’ve got no time to do them? I have an old friend who is a CEO in a large company, due to the red-tape involved in mentioning what company and who I’ve opted not to name her and the company. Been there, done that. This friend often says, usually when she’s got too many balls in the air, “I really need a wife.” I know, its kind of a sexist statement, but knowing the source of the comment I know what she means.  She knows that women are so good at getting done what has to be done. Leah Busque needed something done when she didn’t have time to do it and the result was Task Rabbit.

Image representing Task Rabbit  as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseTask Rabbit is like having your own staff of personal assistants without the hassle of contracts. Say you forgot to buy dog food, you post it on Task Rabbit, either on their website or phone app, and receive a notification that someone’s taking care of it for you. Wouldn’t it be dreamy?

“TaskRabbits are friendly, awesome people in your community who are either under-employed, retired, parents with grown children, or folks who just want something more interesting than a standard desk job.”

The most popular tasks appear to be donation pickup, IKEA delivery and assembly and whole foods delivery. If you leave comments about the person who completed the Task you get “carrots” that can be applied to a free task.

Unfortunately, Task Rabbit is limited to major cities and is not in my area. Task rabbit locations: Boston, New York City, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles; With Chicago, Portland, Seattle soon to be added. If you don’t see your city listed you can drop them an email to request a task rabbit.

There are other websites that offer what is called virtual assistants that I guess I could check out for my area. The top two include and

Not having a TaskRabbit, I gotta run: so much to do, so little time.

NOTE: This is day No. 5 toward keeping my commitment to post once a day. Have you joined yet?