Family Photos – Arggggh!

Everyone knows that I love photographs of our ancestors. Seeing the
family resemblance in a photograph taken a hundred years ago sends
chills up my back. Once, in wondering if a branch of the family was
really mine, I stumbled across a photo of a civil war soldier and
there, as if looking me straight in the eye, was the spitting image
of my kid brother Shane. Wow. I had no doubt, we had to be related.
Recently, however, they’ve been testing my patience. The photos, not
the ancestors.
During the last couple of times I have tried exporting the Heycuz 
database into web pages, one of the photographs has caused my system 
to crash. Each time I attempted to export the files, it would go for 
15 hours and 23 minutes and right at that point, bam, everything 
would fail. I’d have to rebuild the file, another couple of hours and 
try again.
I use Reunion, a Macintosh computer application for genealogy. 
Normally, I can’t say enough about this software. I’ve used a lot of 
the different programs but Reunion stands so high above the others 
that its no question that this is the program of choice. I do keep a 
copy of Family Tree Maker installed on my son’s PC, but I’ve used it 
maybe twice this year and only to convert submitted FTM files into 
gedcoms and opening them up in Reunion.
So, I posted my problem on the Reunion Talk board hoping someone had 
similar problems and solved it, but I didn’t get one reply. Come on! 
You’re telling me I’m the only lucky one to have such a problem? So, 
I tried again and noticed that it crashed right about the point that 
it started to export the photographs. It must be a rogue photograph 
then, I assumed. So, I tried to export only the people that had 
photographs to test the theory. That was only about 6,000 files, 
compared to the 90,000+ people on heycuz. Halfway through the 15 
hours it still took to export the file–Why so long?–I realized that 
if it crashed it still wouldn’t solve the problem. Even so, I waited, 
and sure enough it got to the “exporting images” sequence and 
crashed. After rebuilding the file for the umpteenth time, I decided 
to export only a few files with photographs and see if that would 
help. This time the export went much faster, exporting 300 people, 
but it still crashed. So, I tried turning off all photos and it worked.
So, I knew it was a photo. Then, I went back and exported only 50 
people with photos. Drum roll, please….Tada! It exported with no 
problems. So, I tried 100. It went. I tried 200, it didn’t go. I 
theorized that it must be one photo and if I could just narrow it 
down to that one photo I could take it out or fix it and then solve 
the problem. So, I went through the entire database and exported 
every one, 100 people at a time. It took a week. However, it still 
didn’t solve the problem. If I exported the files in 100 increments, 
it would work every time. Unfortunately, if you do export the family 
file in 100s, the links no longer work and the result is a useless 
bunch of html pages. The good news is the photo files do export. So, 
what I ended up doing, eager to get the updates uploaded, is exported 
all the files as though there were no problem. Of course, when it 
came to the exporting images it crashed, but then I just merged all 
the photo files from my 100-people experiment into their correct 
folders and checked to make sure that the correct photos linked to 
the right people. I believe it worked. I know its a temporary fix, 
but at least I got the updates done.
After spending a week uploading all the files of course, I’m still 
left to resolve the problem. Anyone with a bit of computer knowledge, 
is probably thinking that the problem has an obvious cause. Memory. 
Well, I have twice the amount the software requirements call for. I 
have a processor that is three times the minimum speed recommended. 
The photographs are all small jpgs. Well, I did notice that there 
were a couple of .tiff formatted photos so I converted them to jpgs 
but that didn’t solve it. Besides, it had always worked before the 
last few months. The only thing that changed is of course, 
corrections, and there was a software update. Unfortunately, I can’t 
back track and use the older version of software because then it will 
no longer open my file. Since my system isn’t the most up to date I’m 
hoping that if I finally upgrade the Computer system software it will 
fix the problem. If not, at least I know that I can export the pages, 
100 people at a time, but that means I will be doing updates less 
often as it takes such a long time to update. So, if you’re wondering 
why your corrections take so long to get up on the web, now you know.
On a semi-related note: Apple recently switched its server to “The 
Cloud” and, once again, lucky me, I was one of the 1 percent of 
people who lost email service. So any one who tried to write to my 
Mac address, which is the address I use for Heycuz members, didn’t 
get through. I have other email addresses, so for the first week I 
didn’t notice it. Then, someone forwarded a note that my email was 
undeliverable and checking with Mac’s website, I found out why. It 
would take another week for Mac to get its act together and get mail 
service back. I can’t believe they could do that and still run 
commercials about how much better everything is.
Anyway, with “The Cloud” and the problems with my software, I will be 
down once again, hopefully not for too long, while I do a clean 
install of Mac OS Leopard. Wish me luck!

Thanks for Your Patience

Thank you all for bearing with me while the site undergoes a major overhaul. I’ve received a lot of letters from members about links not working and I apologize for that. I hope to have it all fixed soon. While it has been inconvenient, I believe the changes will benefit visitors to the site. The first thing I hope to do is make the site more organized so finding the information you need will be easier. I also hope to make the pages more interactive by adding a number of improvements. One of the improvements includes a photo gallery that will allow members to add their own photographs and have them viewable instantly. Members will be able to also download high-resolution copies of your favorite photos or entire albums with a single click. Your photos download as full-size JPEGs (highest resolution) or images optimized for 16-by-20-inch prints (smaller file size).
Another improvement will be our Wanted Board. I get a lot of queries and I try to answer them as quickly as possible. But, I am only one person, if you put your Most Wanted queries on the board you’ll have more people see your query and can help you out.
There are also a lot of changes being made to the Heycuz database. Right now, I’m uploading corrections, but there are many more still to be completed. Thank you all for your assistance in sending me updates and corrections. I especially want to thank Rev. Thomas Henry Sullivan who has been working now for several months on going through the Heycuz database and fixing, updating, and correcting broken family lines and catching errors, and very importantly adding sources to each fact on individual ancestors. For instance, he’ll write that a birth came from a delayed birth certificate, Bible, or a Family History. His attention to detail has really cleared up a lot of questions on some of our most puzzling ancestors. Unfortunately, he’s not online right now, so if you want to thank him, you’ll have to do it when you run in to him at a library in Dickson, Hickman or Williamson County, TN.
The changes will be complete soon so thanks again for your patience.


This Christmas, I thought I’d get you something you’d really love! I tried to get all of your corrections and additions done and uploaded before Christmas. Alas, another lot of corrections came in and I was not able to finish it up. In the past couple of months, I’ve made over five thousand corrections to the familiy tree. Thanks for your contributions. Your help is really appreciated. I realized I had to just post all of the corrections done so far. I should be all caught up on the corrections made up through Thanskgiving. So, if you have sent in your family files–either by email or CD–and the changes are not made yet please send me a reminder by email, just to make sure I did receive it. As I write this, the pages are being updated.
As you know, I lost both of my grandmother’s this year and I’m finding it very difficult to feel very Christmasy. Still, I have them to thank for all the traditions and happiness that they brought me. Family is one of the most important parts of Christmas and I’m so thankful that I was able to share the family traditions that I inherited with my son and I’m sure he’ll pass them on to his children. Just today, while we made our family’s Magic Cookie Bars I was taken back to when I was a child and couldn’t wait to bite into those gooey, chocolately concoctions.
Santa List

It’s a little late to make changes to your letters to Santa Claus, but if any cash is left under the Christmas tree for you you might want to consider a couple of purchases for yourself:
One of our cousins, Dennis Lampley, has written a book: CAPTAIN ED BAXTER & HIS TENNESSEE ARTILLERYMEN, CSA. My ggg grandfather William Sullivan, fought under Capt. Baxter in the Civil War, and if your ancestor was in Dickson or Williamson County during that time maybe yours did too. If you’re related to William Sullivan, check out the Share the Wealth Section here and download his muster rolls, pension application, and letter to Capt. Baxter, if you haven’t already done that already.
Another book that came out this year, The Heritage of Dickson County, Tennessee. The book requires a good chunk of change, $77.50, but is definitely worth it. I’m learning a lot from it, not the least of which is learning how much I didn’t know!
Another really neat thing to get for yourself as well as your descendants is a family album. So many sites these days offer ways to help you create one, but it does take a little time. You can go to Snapfish, Kodak Gallery (,, or many others, ranging in price from $6.99 to $69.99.
I even converted my photos into a nice Calendar for my parents using a very convenient service at, and even if you’re not a Mac user a lot of the photo website above offer the same types of calendars. They turn out really nice. I even put on it all the special days to remember of all the kids and grandkids.
Anyway, I want to thank you for all of your help in keeping our group active and keeping me up to date on your genealogical research.

Merry Christmas!


Ruby Harrison Rennie’s Photo Album

My mom copied some of my Grandmother’s photos and I made them available for viewing online at snapfish.
The photos are Rennie, Harrison, Cornell and Heaths. There are also several unknown photographs, if you can id anyone let me know, which reminded me to always write on the back of a photograph who it is. I know its good advice, but I have a box of photos that I have been meaning to scapbook and haven’t done anything with in a while. But, take a look at the photo album on snapfish and you’ll see the photo of the miners. We don’t know if its a family picture or from a postcard. We don’t know why my grandmother had a photograph of this group of miners. You may have to register at snapfish, if you don’t have an account already, but its free and they do offer great deals on prints, but if you don’t want to do that you can copy the photos to your computer and print them.